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Trend Alert: Digital Graffiti

This summer, Channel 4 took to the streets and launched their Street Summer campaign which explores contemporary influences that have shaped urban culture. The series covers a range of subjects from street dance, urban sport, street art and graffiti to rap/spoken word and hip hop. Highlights include the TV premiere of Banksy’s movie, Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Bang on trend, Channel 4 have also launched a ‘Street Tag’ iPhone app that turns you smartphone into a can of spray paint. Users can ‘virtually’ graffiti the street in real and time showcase their work by geo-tagging their images via the app or Facebook, Twitter and email.

Not surprisingly this campaign, and application, comes at a time when (digital) graffiti and street art are growing in popularity. Last year, yarn bombing may have been all the rage however this year we’re seeing a shift towards digital and virtual variations.

Take for example Red Bull’s Street Art view or Reebok’s We R Classic’s light graffiti project. Brands are moving further into the digital realm so that they can be more accessible to their consumers and simultaneously latching onto this emerging trend in a bid to gain more street cred. Watch this space - there will be some serious innovations in this arena for 2012.