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Beautiful Data Visualisation

The internet is becoming flooded with computer generated infographics so it’s nice to see something new and different. Photographer Jose Duarte has created a series of “handmade visualisations” incorporating balloons, string, tape, sidewalk chalk and just about everything else imaginable.

Check out his Flicker for more examples, or if you’re interested making your own lo-fi infographic, you can write to the artist for a free tool-kit :)


Affirmations that are non-stop, because that’s typically how we humans need them.


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STUNNING: Turn your Twitter following into a bubbling #infographic

The Fizz web app is a simple yet appealing “pop-cultural instrument for data expression and exploration” from Bloom. Social network visualizers don’t get any better than this!

Your life in numbers… incredible data visualisation

Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case, the data viz geniuses best known for transforming the quotidian details of everyday life into beautiful charts, have turned their attention to another mundane staple of everyday life: They’ve joined the staff of FacebooK!

Best known for Daytum - a slick, popular app  developed so you can track and visualize your life.